Hotel Sternen and its proactive tenants, The Hotel Sternen spoil with the tenant Roland Hofstetter and his staff…., pamper their guests with comfortable rooms, a distinguished cuisine and an exquisite wine cellar. Fishermen will appreciate the picturesque, well-maintained sprout fishing waters 3 km along the Thur stream.

In this area, the Thur overcomes a relatively low gradient, meaning the river seeks its way through lush fields and small woods, making many turns along the way. This results in a multitute of alternately fast-flowing and slow-flowing, whirling river sections.

Virtually the whole stream belonging to the hotel’s tenacy can be accessed comfortably by foot and is an ideal fly-fishing ground. If the sprouts won’t bite, streamer or nymph usually do the trick. The river is open to spin fishers with the following restrictions: Spin fishing baits with barbed hooks are not permitted.

The Thur fishing season goes from May 1st until late September. Only „Hotel Sternen“ guests who are at least 18 years old can obtain a fishing license. Considering the beautiful stream, the fees for the fishing licences are quite reasonable: 

1-2 day pass

55.00 CHF

3-7 days pass

75.00 CHF

Caught fish must be dead when handed over in the hotel.
Minimum length for any catch:

Opening till 30th June:


1st of July till end of the season:


No more than five sprouts lighter than 500g may be caught per day. This limit does not apply to bigger fish (over 500g).

In addition to the abovementioned rules, a sportsmanlike and considerate attitude towards fish and nature is a precondition for fishing in this clean, beautiful section of the Thur.

If brown, rapid flood water renders all fishing actitivies impossible, we suggest you indulge in the many other fun activities in Obertoggenburg such as hiking, bathing, bowling, tennis, biking, paragliding, etc.

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