Our menu - Special choices

Soups and salads 1/1 ½
Soup of the day 4.50  
Bouillon with Flädli (stripes of pancake) 7.00  
Tomato cream soup with Gin and cream 9.50  
Bündner barley soup 9.50  
Green lettuce 6.50  
Mixed salad 8.50  
Corn salad with egg, bacon and croutons 9.50  
Mixed Seasonal Salad
with stripes of ham and cheese and egg
14.50 10.50
Swiss wurst salad, natural 8.00  
Wurst cheese salad, natural 11.50  
Wurst salad, garnished 13.50  
Wurst cheese salad, garnished 16.50  
Fine garlic and herb bread 6.50  
Cold dishes Starter Main
Crunchy bouquet of lettuce
with crispy baked mozzarella sticks
10.50 15.50
Slices of smoked salmon
with horseradish cream, toast and butter
12.50 18.50
Huus plate (home-made cold dish)
a composition of raw ham mit Rohschinken,
Mostbröckli meat (lean beef), bacon, salami and Appenzeller cheese
12.50 18.50
Beef tatar seasoned
toast and butter
14.50 24.50
Vegetarian dishes
Mixed vegetables with potatoe croquettes 18.50
Fried grated potatoe rolls filled with mushrooms
with dried grain rice and fine tomatoe sauce
Baked vegetable pastry with tomatoe sauce
with fine butter noodles
Whole grain ravioli with vegetable filling
in a creamy herb sauce

Pasta dishes

Spaghetti 14.50
Home-made butter spätzle 14.50
Tortellini filled with tomatoes and mozzarella 16.50
Ravioli filled with porcini mushrooms 18.50
Tortellini filled with meat 16.50
Tomatoe sauce with italian herbs
All arrabiata with bacon, onions and sambal
Creamy herb sauce
Creamy mushroom sauce

Please choose your pasta and combine it with your favourite sauce

Established dishes
Olma bratwurst with onion sauce and butter rösti 16.50
Breaded pork schnitzel
with chips and vegetables
Sliced pork Zurich style
with creamy mushroom sauce and butter rösti
Port tenderloin „Montanara“
with creamy cognac sauce and slices of raw ham,
butter spätzle and vegetables
„Panäng“, red thai curry with coconut milk
with vegetables and tender slices of chicken, dry rice.
Chicken breast breaded in coconut with a creamy curry sauce
with fruity rice
Veal schnitzel in a creamy sauce, butter pasta and vegetable of the day 29.50
Diced veal with fresh herbs
with excellent balsamicojus, butter rösti
Sliced filet of beef „Stroganoff“
served in a ring of almond rice
Beef tenderloin, 200gr. „Café de Paris“
with potatoe croquettes and vegetables
Fish dishes
Perch fillet steamed in white wine
with a creamy herb sauce, dried rice and spinach leaves
Crispy pangasius fillet
with sauce tartar, salted potatoes

Our top hit

Giant Cordon-bleu (250 gram)

Please choose:
- garnished with vegetables
- with a variety of crunchy salads
- with vegetables and side of your choice 24.50

For children
Robin Hood plate
Breaded pork schnitzel with
chips and vegetables
img 13.50
Chicken nuggets
with chips

We'll serve a sweet surprise for kids after the meal!

Portion of chips   6.50
Delicious fitness plates
Fine, fresh and crunchy salad with....
Baked vegetable pastry 15.50
Rösti rolls filled with mushrooms 16.50
Asia sticks Thai vegetables 15.50
Cigar thai chicken 15.50
Chicken breast natural or breaded 18.50
Marinated crispy chicken 17.50
Grilled pork steak 24.50
Pork schnitzel natural or breaded 22.50
Veal schnitzel natural or breaded 29.50
Giant Cordon-Bleu 24.50
Beef tenderloin, 200gr. 39.50

Served with herb mushrooms and herb butter on request.

Origin of the meat: Veal and pork: Switzerland
  Beef and lamb South America
  Poultry Hungary

Hotel Restaurant Sternen