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Car/Bus Meal Offers


Snacking on the way! SNACK MENU – bus stop menus

Mixed salad, CHF 8.50

Salad plate with egg, ham and cheese, CHF 14.50

House salad plate with raw ham, Mostbröckli (Swiss smoked meat speciality), bacon, salami and cheese, CHF 18.50

Garnished sausage salad, CHF 12.50

Sausage salad, CHF 7.50

Sausage and cheese salad, CHF 14.50

Fitness plate with pork steak, mushrooms seasoned with herbs and crunchy salad, CHF 23.50

Pork schnitzel with mushroom cream sauce and butter noodles, CHF 21.50

Breaded pork schnitzel, French fries and vegetables, CHF 21.50

Fried meat loaf, French fries, CHF 12.50

Choice of sandwiches (ham, salami, meat loaf, cheese), CHF 6.50

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